Graphic Design

Creative minds spin fast. We spend days and nights pursuing the best design for your strategy. You dream, we make it happen.

  • Brand Design
  • Reports
  • Editorial Design
  • Technical Proposals
  • Stationery
  • Infographics and Illustration
  • Advertising
  • Lettering and Signage
  • Trade Show Design
  • Brochures and Catalogues
  • POP/Displays
  • Packaging

Digital Design

Touch – Swipe – Pinch – Repeat! It’s on the screen. It’s reality. It’s worldwide. Our team is ready to develop your brand’s digital presence cross-platforms.

  • Website Design
  • Mobile Design
  • UX/UI
  • App Development
  • Presentations

Branding Strategy

Oh, that logo you once loved! Getting outdated? Disconnected?
Branding strategy helps with brand reposition and recall, retaining clients and acquiring new customers. Why wait? It’s all about the numbers.

Technical Proposals

Graphic Design is the only element in a proposal that has no award points but influences every point awarded. We know the complexity of proposal preparation and we are committed to make design & branding the perfect working gear of your process!

  • RFP Compliant
  • Proposal Design
  • InDesign Templates
  • Presentations
  • Leave-Behind
  • Infographics
  • 3D Modelling
  • Collateral
  • White Paper


Imagery is one of the most important tools to help deliver your message.
We provide a full range of imagery services and partner with the best photographers and illustrators for your convenience.

  • Photography Direction
  • Photo Retouching
  • Product Photography
  • Personal Branding
  • Photo Products
  • Stock Management
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics

São Paulo, Brazil, 41°50′13″N 87°41′05″ W


“Non ducor, duco” – I am not led, I lead

Time of day

Late night

GDP 2016

$477 billion U.S. dollars

Population (metro)


Most popular sport

Soccer, soccer, soccer. Did I say soccer?

Hot dog Paulista

Bun, sausage, mayo, mustard, ketchup, mashed potatoes, parmesan cheese, string shoe potatoes

Worst traffic jam

November 2013 – 192 miles before a holiday weekend


Gigantic, chaotic, surprising, seducing, cultural

Graphic Design destination

Lu Hickman Creative

Chicago, 41°50′13″N 87°41′05″ W


“Urbs in Horto” – City in a garden

Time of day

Early morning

GDP 2016

$651.22 billion U.S. dollars

Population (metro)


Most popular sport

Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, anything with a ball and wearing jersey

Chicago Hot Dog

Bun, sausage, pickles, mustard, relish, onion, tomato, short pepper

Worst traffic jam

February 2011– 12 hours, after a snow blizzard


Beautiful, Chiberia, green, cultural, athletic

Graphic Design destination

Lu Hickman Creative

About Us


Creative Director

Award-winning designer Luciana Hickman has worked with major brands in Brazil and in the United States and runs Lu Hickman Creative offices in Chicago and São Paulo. Luciana offers an international perspective to design and passion for helping companies set themselves apart from their competition by expressing their pure essences.

She brings the energy of ginga– a Portuguese word for “adaptability” and a vibrant “can do” attitude to every project.

Luciana and her team have a collaborative spirit and a strong sense of empathy in their work. They use creative—and strategic—methods to overcome design and communication obstacles and develop tools that will help grow your business.

Graphic Designers
Our team of experienced graphic designers covers a wide variety of industries – including pharma and beauty, restaurants and hospitality, and architecture and engineering, just to name a few.

Our global team of experienced developers ensures your websites, apps, ads, and other digital properties deliver your message effectively.

Our team of illustrators has mastered many styles and can create a “bespoke” look and feel for your brand experiences.

Content Creation
Our copywriters and content strategists can help you deliver a steady stream of valuable content to help you add value in the marketplace, educate potential customers, and position yourselves as experts in your industry.

Our Clients

North America

Cut Thru
Digital Speakeasy
ENA - Emergency Nurses Assoc.
Friendship Works
Hance Creative
Legacy Foundations
MX Group
Parsons Corporation
Polite Society
Romero Britto
Shimmick Construction

South America

Armazem Retrô
Buffet França
Business France
Café Chocolat
Casa de Portugal
Critério Engenharia
Feng Shui Consultores
Florinda Festas
Golden Arches Latin America
Grupo Dass
Hoken Terapias Orientais
Luciano Chaim Arquitetura
Marca Registrada
McDonald’s Brasil
Moët & Chandon
Neno Ramos
Orbe Investimentos
Peonia Buques
Pharmácia Prátika
Poente Sul
Pousada Serra da Bocaina
Praiamar Café
Reunion Sports Marketing
Sala São Paulo

Our brand and website not only attract new clients, as generate business for my company. Integrity, creativity, commitment, competitive prices and results that exceeded my expectations. Do not hesitate - she’s the one!”

Sergio Costa, CEO– Pousada Serra da Bocaina

With an elegant design aesthetic and unwavering dedication to quality, her work stands out from the rest. Well-rounded, and highly motivated, Luciana delivers and adds value – project after project – to clients, creative teams, and the current industry.”

Abby Jeuell, Lead Designer – Parsons Corporation

They continually exceeded my expectations, helping me carefully select every minute detail for Polite Society’s brand. Lu Hickman has been an outstanding asset and an integral part of building my business to date.”

Jessica Lieffring, Founder – Polite Society